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All industries, whether it’s within product- or service-sales, now experience how trade changes. Prices are becoming more transparent, language barriers disappear and geographic distance is no longer a barrier to trade.

Whether buyers trade on their own behalf (B2C) or their business (B2B), they expect it to be easy and transparent to find price, delivery time and go thru with the/finish order. Acando's e-commerce team has a wide experience from several industries, and addresses the customer's challenges and opportunities in their respective markets.

Together, we will use the technology of the future and today's solutions to give the customer the best possible starting point to exploit its potential. Our consultants are ready to help your business meet the new framework conditions, find effective business solutions and assist in all phases of an implementation run.

Acando has consultants who specialize in optimization and introduction of new technology. We will gladly work with your existing deployment partner to find good business solutions.

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