About us

We call ourselves a digital advertising agency, but it happens that we work offline. Our concepts and campaigns extend beyond the digital sphere, because it is where the customers are. So just call us an agency. That's what we are.

We make:
- Websites & Ecommerce
- Campaigns
- Social Media
- Film
- Traffic
- Strategy
- APP’s
- Offline

We prioritize to have all resources in-house. We do so because we believe that the best understanding of your business is kept, if we do not have to hand over work between different agencies. We do not mind working with others, and we do it often too. We just want to offer delivering everything to you, so you only need to call one place.

We work very pragmatically with our customers. Our mantra is, that we will always find a solution. However, we try to stick to our project model. Both when it comes to brand new projects and when we look at existing solutions. If you want to learn more about how we work with projects and campaigns, then get a hold of us.

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Søndergade 45, 2-3 Sal

8000 Aarhus C, Denmark


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