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Raptor Services provide data driven omni-channel personalization. Our personalization technology helps retailers and content providers to deliver relevant content and offers to their customers regardless of touch points.

A Personal experience online
Imagine translating the skills and competencies of your most experienced sales representative to your online services. Most people remember a truly good shopping experience where the sales person are able to create relevance based on your taste and style. He remembers your former engagement and suggest only products on content that match you need. You part with a good shopping experience that makes you come back once again.

How it works
Raptor Services track detailed visitor behavior on your site and crunch the data in advanced algorithms. Each visitor will then be displayed the most relevant products and content, matched there giving patterns in the buying process.

Your benefits
Raptor Services drive conversion throughout the customer journey. Enhances your customer retention, increases conversion and order size and ultimate your company’s Bottom Line.
It’s all about:
- Converting your browsers to customers
- Retaining your customers and sell more
- Winning back your lost customers

Advantages of implementing Raptor Smart Advisor:
- Between 3-15 % increased turnover
- Increased customer loyalty
- Better inspiration and thereby more page impressions
- Increased customer satisfaction
- Personalized and relevant user experience
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