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Typical results of introducing CPQ tools as a completely integrated part of the e-Commerce platform, both in B2B and B2C scenarios are:

- Revenue increased by 10-40%
- Margin improved by 5-10%
- Sales cost reduced by up to 25%
- Production optimization up by 15-20%
- High ROI and short Pay-Back period

SolutionSpace CPQ combines the strengths of the Dynamicweb All-in-One Platform, the PIM module and its integration capabilities to Dynamics ERP with built-in handling of configurable products and services.

Professional quotations are generated instantly in MS Word, Excel or pdf format with detailed technical descriptions of the final configurations, dynamic drawings, prices according to your agreement with the customer and with correct commercial terms included every time.

SolutionSpace CPQ can be made available to end customers from their web-shop and to sales staff, distributors or partners from the quoting portal, all consolidating into Dynamicweb to provide sales executives with an exceptional overview of their sales pipeline.

Additionally, the following functionality can be included:

- Advanced Documentation Engine
- Customer and Prospect Database
- Sales Force Management
- Partner / Dealer Portal

SolutionSpace has implemented comprehensive CPQ solutions for manufacturing and trading companies of many sizes and industries around the globe. We see great advantage of working with Dynamicweb and their partners to expand their ability to handle even the most complex products and services.
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