Dynamicweb PIM (October 2017)

Working with Dynamicweb Product Information Management (PIM) means fewer applications, integrations and systems.

It is fast and inexpensive to implement and maintain, and it comes with both frontend and backend access. In addition, you get unique capabilities like managing product relationships and live frontend preview.  

This webinar will give you a general introduction to Dynamicweb PIM - including live demo and ROI example. 

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• 1/9: PIM enrichment structure and inheritance
• 2/9: PIM product enrichment tools
• 3/9: PIM product control and overview
• 4/9: PIM digital assets
• 5/9: PIM product versioning
• 6/9: PIM product workflows
• 7/9: PIM product property fields
• 8/9: PIM combine products and multi-edit
• 9/9: PIM permissions