Welcome to Rapido 2.1

Rapido = successful projects delivered on time! Implementation methodology to improve time-to-market, reduce risk and development time in Dynamicweb projects.
Written by Dynamicweb on 27.06.2018, 08:00
Welcome to Rapido 2.1

Less coding - more configuration

Project risk and clomplexity is often high and solutions are not always delivered as fast and efficient as possible. Rapido is changing this via an end to end methodology on how to deliver Dynamicweb solutions faster and better. The technical implementation approach is configuration over coding for lower risk and faster implementation. 

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Great new layout and design options for configuring your content and ecommerce solution – just the way you like it:

• Choose from 7 different top layout designs
• Configure product list, detail page, navigation and checkout
• Configure mobile top-layout and navigation
• Add image filters (no external image editing needed)
• Extended search for both content and products
• Design newsletters with banners, call-to-actions etc.
• Standard template for events and content download

More information

• Download the Rapido 2.1 release presentation
Read the full release notes on the DOC site